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Description for "SEO Freelancer in Delhi-9555697431"

Description for "SEO Freelancer in Delhi-9555697431"
Hope you are well…

My name is Sanjeev, working as a SEO/SMO for a leading Web Development & Internet Marketing Industry 

If you are interested in improving the position of your website for some of the most searched key terms then, we Can Optimize your website with Guranteed result.

IF you are not getting business or lead are not coming for you so you want to optimize your website with the help of SEO,SMO,Internet Marketing so don't go anywhere we are SEO Freelancer we can optimize your website with guranteed result.we have done many project and presently working on many website that are indian based,USA based.

Duration: 4 to 6 months
(First contract is for six months and after that clients can pay on monthly basis).

Keywords: Total 20( 70% keywords Top 10 guarantee)

Price in Indian Rupees(Monthly)

1. 5 Keywords-5000/-
2. 10 keywords-9000/-
3. 15 keywords-14000/-
4. 20 keywords-18000/-
5. 25 keywords-20000/-

Contact Person-Sanjeev


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